Benefits & Compensation


The Postdoctoral Programs Office requires that new postdoctoral appointees with zero or up to one-­year of experience have parity with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stipend levels zero (0). Although the NIH stipend level equivalent is encouraged, annual compensation is based upon productivity and the annual review. Postdocs receive compensation on a monthly basis. 

Tax Liabilities

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers postdoctoral fellowship stipends as taxable income. U.S. citizens and permanent residents do not have federal tax withheld from their stipends. If one does not have significant withholdings being taken from another income source, postdoctoral fellowship recipients must make estimated quarterly tax payments, as needed, directly to the IRS. Please obtain the estimated tax publications (1040-­‐ES) in order to assess whether or not you will need to make estimated quarterly tax payments.

Taxes and International Scholars

Unless you qualify under a tax treaty between the United States and your home government, your earnings as a  J-­1 scholar will be subject to applicable federal, state and local taxes, and employers are required by law to withhold those taxes from your paychecks. More information is available on the International Student and Scholar Services website.


The postdoctoral benefits described below apply to full-­time Postdoctoral Associates and Scholars that have a one-­year appointment letter. 

Health and Dental Insurance

Postdocs can elect one of the following healthcare plans: Aetna Select 1, Aetna Select 2, and Choice POSII HRA. There are two dental insurance options: CIGNA DHMO and Delta Dental PPO. Postdocs and their dependents will be eligible on their start date. Enrollment must be done in Workday within 15 days from the start date. Postdocs will be able to enroll in health care plans during the open enrollment period, which takes place in October each year.

Vacation, Leaves, and Holidays

Vacation and Sick Leave: Postdoctoral Associates and Scholars are granted ten (10) days of vacation leave and twelve (12) days of sick leave per annual appointment. Postdocs may accrue sick time but may not carry vacation days over from one year to the next.

Leaves of Absence: A leave of absence is an approved period of time during which an employee may be absent from work for reasons other than vacation in excess of 14 days. The full policy on Leaves of Absence (D050) (administrative leave, disability leave, medical leave, maternity leave, family and medical leave, military leave, and personal leave) is posted on the Human Resources Benefits and Wellness website.

Federal Holidays: Postdocs receive all federal holidays recognized by the University of Miami. Please review the holiday schedule posted on the Human Resources website.

Tuition Benefits

Postdoctoral appointees are not eligible for tuition remission or reimbursement programs.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program provides free and confidential consultation and referral services to UM faculty, staff, and retirees, as well as their domestic partners, spouses and dependents.

UM Discount Program

Postdoctoral associates and scholars are eligible for discounts, including the UM Public Transportation Program, hurricane supplies, athletic event tickets, wellness center services and more. For information visit the Benefit Administration website and click on Employee Discount Program.

Visit the Human Resources website for more information.