Postdoc Travel Awards


The University of Miami Postdoctoral Association is proud to support the professional and career development of our postdocs by financially supporting travel to professional meetings. Our inaugural travel award is available to help postdocs defray some conference registration and travel costs under certain circumstances. The travel awards are not intended to replace grant-funded support for grant-related presentations. We are here to fill in the gaps and, in particular, to promote independence and advance postdoc careers.

If postdocs are working on a funded project, they should talk with their supervisor and request that their expenses be covered by the project. Postdocs should also explore options with their departments, schools/colleges, or professional societies for additional travel support opportunities. Priority will be given to projects that would not be otherwise covered by the current funding source or the faculty supervisor’s project.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The application is open to all full-time Postdoctoral Associates or Postdoctoral Scholars within the University of Miami. Associate or Assistant Scientists and early career faculty are not eligible.
  2. Postdoc travel awards are available to assist postdocs with travel to conferences so they may present posters or oral presentations, or to serve as invited speakers, on their independent research.
  3. Applicant must be confirmed as a presenter (poster or oral) before funds are requested. Applicant must have an abstract confirmation or oral presentation invitation at the time of submission.
  4. PI must electronically sign the application by the deadline in order for the application to be considered.
  5. Previous UM Postdoc Travel awardees are ineligible to apply again.
  6. Travel must be booked through the University of Miami's Travel Portal per the University of Miami's Travel Guidance

Application Deadline and Amount

The application deadline was April 5, 2024. One award of $500 will be awarded.

Terms of the Award

The recipient is required to use the $500 travel award for the travel purpose outlined on the application. The awarded recipient must follow the University of Miami's Travel Guidance. The $500 travel award is taxable.

How to Apply for the Postdoc Travel Award

Awards are competitive and based on the quality and appropriateness of the requests. To apply for an award, please fill out the Postdoc Travel Award Application Form. Postdocs must complete the application prior to the intended travel and by the April 5th deadline.