Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium

Research Symposium Research Symposium

The Graduate School will host virtually the Third Annual Graduate + Postdoctoral Research Symposium on Friday, April 16, 2021. The Research Symposium will showcase the transformational research conducted across all disciplines. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can choose to participate in a poster presentation, oral presentation, or TED-like talk. Please note that this symposium will not include judging for any presentation format.

  • Poster presentation (virtual): Through the virtual conference platform, presenters may either (1) display their printed poster from their location of choice (e.g., home, office) to the audience or (2) share their screen to display a single PowerPoint slide of their poster to the audience. Presentations will be live and approximately 5 minutes. Presenters will be grouped by topic in a virtual meeting room. A moderator will facilitate a Q&A session after the presentions in the virtual meeting rooms. Presenters must submit a PDF version of their poster by Monday, April 5, 2021, that will be available for download by the audience in the virtual meeting room. Presenters who chose the printed poster option must use 48''x36'' dimensions. Presenters who are not able to secure funds from their department for poster printing costs may request Graduate School funds for this purpose (details will be provided upon acceptance of your abstract). 
  • Oral presentation (virtual): Presentations will be live and approximately 15 minutes, through the virtual conference platform. Presenters will be grouped by topic in a virtual meeting room. A moderator will facilitate a Q&A session after the presentions in the virtual meeting rooms. 
  • TED-like talk (live without audience and streamed over the event platform): Ted-like talks are lively ten-minute presentations with minimal PowerPoint slides. Auditions may be required for this presentation format. Applicants will be provided further information at a later date. Presenters must be willing to give their talks live from campus (social distancing and COVID-19 safety precautions will be in place), and the talks will be streamed to the audience through the virtual event platform.

The application deadline is February 26, 2021. Abstract submission (350 words max) and advisor/mentor approval are required as part of the application. For questions, please contact Dr. Tiffany Plantan, Director of Education at the Graduate School, at

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Previous Graduate + Postdoctoral Research Symposiums

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  • 2020 Recap

    The Graduate School hosted the Second Annual Graduate + Postdoctoral Research Symposium on Thursday, March 5, 2020, at the Shalala Student Center on the Coral Gables Campus. 

    Oral Presentation Winners 
    • Winner: Cho Hee SchraderPh.D. student in Prevention Science and Community Health
    • Runner-up: Hilary Yip, Ph.D. student in Music Education
    • Runner-up: Mengxi Shen, Postdoctoral Associate in Retina Imaging
    • Runner-up: Stanislav Lazupolo, Postdoctoral Associate in Physics
    Poster Presentation Winners

    The symposium included poster and oral presentations, TED-like talks, and a keynote address by Dr. Hansel Tookes from the IDEA Exchange. Dr. Hansel Tookes, MD, MPH, is the Founder and Medical Director of the IDEA Exchange. As Medical Director, Dr. Tookes works to empower, educate, and serve the communities of South Florida, especially, Miami-Dade County, through harm reduction. With a passion for behavioral interventions and innovative approaches to HIV prevention, his goal is to continue to conduct translational research that will effect changes in health policy to improve the health of the community. He has extensive experience in working with low socioeconomic status patients and drug users. He has extensive training on inpatient HIV care and in outpatient continuity HIV care. His experience with his patients has enabled him to be an effective advocate in the State of Florida. (Sourced from

    For event pictures, click here.

    For a full agenda and the list of presenters and abstracts, click here.

    For a video of the keynote address and the TED-like Talks presentations, click here.

  • 2019 Recap

    Poster Presentation Winners
    • Health & Life Sciences
      • Winner: Hallie Quiroz, Postdoctoral Fellow in Vascular Research
      • Winner: Morgan Gianola, Ph.D. Student in Psychology
      • Runner-up: Natalia de la Oliva Muñoz, Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroscience 
    • Engineering & Physical Sciences
      • Winner: Nima Hosseinzadeh Nanehkaran, Ph.D. Student in Civil Engineering 
      • Runner-up: Yusuf Secerdin, Ph.D. Student in Industrial Engineering
    • Social & Behavioral Sciences
      • Winner: Vanesa Mora Ringle, Ph.D. Student in Psychology
      • Runner-up: Estefany Saez Flores, Ph.D. Student in Psychology
    • Arts & Humanities
      • Winner: Victor Rubio, Master's Student in Music Education
      • Runner-up: Lorena Knezevic, Master's Student in Architecture
    • People’s Choice: Babak Vafaei, Ph.D. Student in Civil Engineering
    Oral Presentation Winners
    • Risk & Resilience Session: Judith Lobo, Ph.D. Student in Psychology 
    • Ecosystem Science Session: Maria Cartolano, Postdoctoral Fellow in Marine Biology and Ecology 
    • Advancing Biomedical Research Session: Mirza Muhammad Fahd Qadir, Ph.D. Student in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology 
    TED-like Talks Winner
    • Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza, Ph.D. Student in Civil Engineering

    For event pictures, click here.

    For a full list of presenters and abstracts, click here.

    For the full video of the keynote address and Ted-like Talk Presentations, click here