Teaching Academy

The Graduate School Teaching Academy introduces Ph.D. students and Postdocs interested in teaching careers to best practices, tools & resources to promote teaching excellence. It also provides opportunities to build teaching skills through in-class exercises, applied experience assignments between sessions, and their teaching mentors’ feedback, as well as helps the participants prepare deliverables for a teaching portfolio so they are competitive for teaching positions in academia. 

The 2018-2019 School Teaching Academy will run from October 2018 through April 2019. Session leaders are experienced teacher trainers from across the University of Miami. Topics include developing learning objectives, active learning and student engagement strategies, teaching with technology, and assessing student learning.

At the time of application, individuals must:

  • Be a University of Miami enrolled doctoral student or a postdoctoral associate/fellow/scholar with an active assignment;
  • For doctoral students, have a minimum of two years remaining in their program; for postdoctoral associates/fellows/scholars, expect to remain a postdoc until May 2019; 
  • Have approval to participate from their academic advisor (supervisor for postdocs);
  • Obtain a commitment of support from a teaching mentor in their department. The teaching mentor may be the same person as the academic advisor. The teaching mentor’s role involves:
    • Giving the participant the opportunity to teach one class session in one of the mentor’s Spring 2019 semester courses
    • Providing feedback to the participant between Teaching Academy sessions on their teaching portfolio and assignments

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